'It is a lucky day when you find yourself with this view!


Most days, it’s when you are on your way to a Southern Utah adventure or North Rim or visiting a friend just up the road at Badger Creek.

Tradition, since 1995 and the new car bridge was built, is to park at the south end and walk out on the 1929 Original Bridge, now pedestrian.


We look over the railing - look up river 

look down river - look for Condors who nest nearby.

I take pictures and marvel at the height above the river  470 feet. We ponder the water and this arid landscape. We contemplate where all this water came from and where it is flowing. The color of water from above is what keeps me lingering.  I take more pictures… someday, I will paint this view. 

We head back to the truck and on the way,  purchase turquoise earrings from

the Navajo Artisan Bead Stand

to help with this lucky journey we are on.


we are extra lucky!  

We are going on a Grand Canyon River Trip.

We will float under the bridge at river mile 4.5 in a few hours and

2 weeks on will have rafted 277 miles on the Colorado River thru Grand Canyon National Park.'   

Betsy Menand artist statement


View from Navajo Bridge - Colorado River
24" x 36"  Acrylic Gouache on Panel 
Studio Painting


Grand Canyon Conservancy
Celebration of Art 2022

South Rim Grand Canyon National Park
September 10 -18

Kolb Studio Art Exhibit
September 16 - January 17, 2023